Have Fun! Hire a Taxi to See the Sights in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

When people think of sight-seeing in the Mid-Atlantic States, the first thought that usually pops in their minds is visiting New York. The problem with this is that ignores the two other states in the area: New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Upon closer inspection, these two states actually have a lot to offer anyone who’s interested in seeing some interesting sights apart from the usual serving of Big Apple. If you want a unique vacation, why not hire a taxi service to take you around the special sights in these two states?

Why a Taxi?

It can be surprising to hire a taxi when you can easily rent a car, but there are a couple of advantages to contracting. First, a good taxi service like Acura Taxi will have experienced drivers on its payroll. They will know the best routes and the right places to go to. Second, it’s your vacation; worrying about the drive shouldn’t be on your mind, and you should be free to enjoy yourself without thinking about the traffic. Once you’ve hired a taxi to drive you around, here are a few sites that you should check out.

New Jersey

If you’re in the mood for art, the town of Hamilton near Ewing Township boasts of a 42-acre museum and sculpture park called Grounds for Sculpture. It has over 270 large-scale sculptures to impress the visitors. Another place that might interest you would be the Thomas Edison National Historic Park, with the famous inventor’s lab and home being its centerpiece. For those who lean more towards nature, there’s the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, which is home to over 8,500 marine animals.


Cross the Delaware from Trenton and you’re in Yardley, PA, which is just a stone’s throw away from the historic Washington’s Crossing Historic Park, which marks where George Washington famously crossed the Delaware. Historic locations dot the Pennsylvania landscape like the Gettysburg National Military Park and the Valley Forge National Historic Park. The city of Philadelphia itself offers a lot for history fans, along with other attractions like a renowned museum for art lovers.

Have a Fun Time

With all of these places to visit, a trip through New Jersey and Pennsylvania should be an attractive prospect for many. Have fun and experience no worries by hiring a taxi service to take you around the sights of these two states.


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