4 Smart Tips to Avoid Getting Overcharged in Taxi Rides—for Foreigners

When traveling in a foreign place, whether for business, academics or tour, you want to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. If you are embarking on a solo journey and are entirely unfamiliar with the ins and outs of New Jersey localities, like Ewing and its neighboring towns, you’ll most likely find yourself relying on taxi rides to get around the places fast and arrive on time for your appointments.

You’ve probably heard of horror stories about travelers in foreign lands falling prey to devious, unlicensed taxis. While nobody looks forward to such things to happen, keeping in mind the following tips will help keep your taxi experience hassle-free:

  1. Record the taxi number. Before getting in, take a quick note of the cab number and ask the driver his name and his license number. A legit driver won’t hesitate to provide you these details. Be sure to forward the info to someone you trust, such as a manager, a friend or a relative nearest you, so long as he/she can respond should an untoward incident arise.
  2. Don’t put your luggage in the trunk. Devious drivers may hold it hostage until you agree to pay more. Keep your stuff with you at the backseat and until you have them all out of the cab, that’s the advisable time to pay. Even if the driver starts a dispute, what’s important is you have all your stuff with you.
  3. Keep an eye on the meter. Taxis either negotiate rates or follow a metered fare. If metered cabs offer a flat rate, chances are they’re charging you more than you’ll have to pay if the meter is on and it’s never otherwise. Make sure the meter is turned on as the ride starts. If it’s not working properly, get another taxi.
  4. Prepare small denominations. Many unethical drivers pretend not to have a change or simply refuse to give change. Unless it’s alright for you to let them keep it, bring lots of small bills with you and give the driver the exact amount. If the driver does give change, inspect it carefully for counterfeit bills and coins.

One key to avoid the risks that comes with hiring a random taxi is by booking with reputable taxi services in advance.  You can make sure that these services are on-call 24/7. All you need is to plan your itineraries, do a couple of clicks online, or make a call as early as possible. Trusted companies, like Trenton Acura Taxi, which serves areas in New Jersey, along with Yardley, PA and nearby areas, will ensure you get to and from your destinations safely.

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